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SCHOOL STUFFS and other things

Mass post exodus of what I’ve been up to recently.

Finished commission:




Book Illustration Work:





Advanced Sequential:

shanecomic1_small shanecomic2_small shanecomic3_small

Shane and Anthony

…tried to spice this picture up with something but nothing would work. For now leaving it alone.


Renee Flats

Experimenting with some new stuff and Renee’s being my guinea pig.


Illustration + Seth + Zaen Well Sketches


I’ve been bad about updating what I’m doing, so here’s another regurgitation of everything. The first is my crappy beer-bottle illustration piece, then is my finished Seth painting (begun last year, omg) and the last one is a series of sketches I did of Seth and Renee and even Shane (?) is a slightly different style though not really. Yay. Going home tomorrow, hope my flight isn’t cancelled (’cause of fog today all flights were canceled and my roommates are forced to be in my presence for another night HOHOHO)

greatlakes_small greatlakes_topSMALL

seth2_fin_SMALL sketches_SMALLsketches 1_SMALL sketches 2_SMALL

Jabberwocky Sketches (all) + Mural Illustration

So here are the sketches for my character design Jabberwocky assignment I’ve done so far (over two weeks).


Also, mural assignment for illustration (we had to design a mural for a specific wall. I chose Station North near an area with lots of Korean restaurants… hence a Korean theme mural).  I still have newer illustration sketches/finals to post, but I’m not as happy about those, so.


Character Design Part 2

Ended up finishing the other two… now I have to work on the album cover, aaaha.


More Adventure Time + Character Design Part 1

Finally finished the companion piece Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee… IT DROVE ME SO INSANE WHAT. It was halfway trying to match it up with the original picture and halfway trying to make it look good in its own right. Definitely not as popular as the other one… but still got more than 5 notes, which is what I was anxious about, lol.

Also, first third of my character design done.

Adventure Time Fanart + Reynolds Painting

So like I HAVEN’T BEEN DOING HOMEWORK YES. Rather, drew some Adventure Time fanart for Katsucon (asked my friend what I should draw and she was like “Marceline and Princess Bubblegum…” which is what I did and WOAH tumblr people like AT @U@). Also got upset that I wasn’t painting recently and took it out on painting Reynolds. He came out more handsome than I expected so… HAHAH.

Character Design Band Members

So we had to make up band members for a time era for Character Design. The era I got was 1960s, so I went with late 1960 psychedelic rock. I have sketches, which I haven’t scanned in. Story of my life atm… I need to scan them in ’cause I think my pieces look so much cooler if I did, but I’ve been a lazy bum, urrrggh.

The story of this band is something about how the girl’s bf had been killed in a car accident where the car hit a deer. In every one of their performances, which takes place outdoors, deer are always spotted/hanging around. GHOST OF THE BOYFRIEND WHAT. Anyhow.